Today, I am at the 2014 Illinois Academy Spring Assembly, “EVERYBODY EATS: Creative Ways to Build Your Brand as the Nutrition Expert,” and I am proud to share that the speakers have been impressive and motivating. Key highlights on the morning sessions are below; look forward to becoming a stronger group of nutrition experts together.


Teresa Pangan, PhD, RD presented on Smart Marketing, sharing her keys to success:

  • Empathy: How do you make people feel? It’s about them.
  • Value: Demonstrate you are a useful resource and understand your audiences needs
  • No Expectations: Give to receive
  • Authentic: Be relatable

Overall, Teresa was a great speaker and someone you can tell walks her talk. More information and resources on smart marketing can be found at  and you can follow her at @teresapangan.


Kelly James-Enger provided useful ways to build your build through freelancing, sharing:

  • Pitch Structure: Include the captivating lead, why the article needs to be written, nuts and bolts and lastly, why you should write it
  • Multiple Angles and Multiple Markets: A rejection letter provides two new opportunities…pitch the angle to a different market, pitch a different angle to the initial market

Overall, Kelly was “real,” creative, provided great examples and resources, and most of all, key tips that allowed me to walk away with immediate next steps. More information and resources on building your brand can be found at and you can follow her at @kellyjamesenger.


Jodie Shield, MEd, RD, LDN showed us ways to bridge the generational gap by:

  • Understanding: This is the first time there are four generations in the workforce, meaning we need to understand the needs and motivation of each group to better work with each group
  • Technology: Each group has their go to technology, i.e., Traditionalists – radio, Baby Boomers – TV, Gen X – personal computer, Millennials – internet
  • Take Homes: “Send the right generation home with the right tool” and “unite by technology”

Overall, Jodie was inspirational, providing a variety of great tools, i.e., meal logger, and more. More information and resources on healthy eating for all can be found at  and you can follow her at @eating_healthy.

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