I really enjoyed the “7 Key Changes the Beverage Industry Must Accept: The Future of Beverages” white paper developed by Brian Keating, Phil Lempert, Rob McCaleb, Ian McLean and James Tonkin.

Below are some of the key takeaways that really spoke to me but if you are interested in reading the entire white paper, it can be found here. 


  • Baby Boomers fear their own mortality and are looking for healthy options to sustain themselves (part of Ian McLean’s quote)
  • Millennials have grown up in a world where no product can be trusted (part of McLean’s quote)
  • The general population is changing its attitude toward ingredient quality
  • American’s will crave less sweets, and drive a decrease in beverage sugar content (start to see already with major brands marketing “now contain 30 percent less sugar)
  • Water is more than water, it is an opportunity to fill nutrient gaps, i.e., water with fiber or vitamins
  • Environmentally conscious products/packaging continue to drive innovation, i.e., 100 percent recyclable bottles
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