The Importance of Dietary Protein: From Overall Health to Blood Glucose Regulation

Research demonstrates that dietary protein is important in maintaining overall health, body composition and weight, bone health and glucose homeostasis. Given the diverse roles of dietary protein, consumption of adequate amounts of high-quality protein is essential for overall health.

New research also suggests that the conventional RDA guideline for dietary protein, which recommends as little as 55 grams per day may be inadequate to achieve the full functional value of protein in the diet. New research points to redefining adult protein needs based on meal requirements of approximately 30 grams of high quality protein necessary to provide adequate essential amino acid leucine amounts to maintain muscle size, function, and glucose metabolism. To learn more on the importance of dietary protein, read:

Effect of Food Protein on Blood Glucose Regulation, Body Composition and Weight loss

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The Role of Protein in Overall Health: Quality, Quantity, and Timing Considerations

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