Great documentary! I can’t say enough about Undocumented - the creation of Napster and the impact it had on the world of communication. It talks about not only file sharing music, but also one of the main reasons Shawn Fanning developed the program in the first place – to create a connection between people by way of music, and how a group of young inexperienced teenagers took over the industry. Motivating! Inspiring! And, let’s not forget Sean Parker, who helped found Napster, was continually crushed, kept on getting up and now is on the board of Spotify! The cherry on top – both Shawn and Sean – is airtime, a social media experience that delivers on closeness.

“The change is the way we live.”

Interesting Points

·       The thought that Napster killed the record industry. I found this interesting because it while it did cause most of the record stores to disappear, Napster still provided the audience with music. I also have to think that if Napster didn’t come around at this point, that some other information technology would have done the same thing to the record stores, as – given today’s fast and in need of convenience – it was only a matter of time before record stores would go out of business.

·       The change of the ‘single’ or ‘album’ from a revenue driver to a chance to increase awareness and a call to action for people to attend concerts – the, at that time, new main revenue driver.

·       How the record companies lost out on a big opportunity because they fought the change in how consumers obtained music instead of harnessing it and being part of the change. In fact, the industry sewed more than 18,000 people, with roughly $4k settlements.

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