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A world where all people have a happy and fulfilling life through food, nutrition, fitness and everyday behaviors
Provide companies with communications, operations, marketing and strategies that encourage positive target market lifestyle behavior changes  
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To always 1) help others, 2) make a positive difference, 3) be impactful, 4) enjoy what I do, 5) be proud of what I do, 6) for everyone to feel empowered to take needed steps to recognize their full potential, and 7) live a happy and fulfilling life

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"It encourages shoppers to engage in a “balanced, holistic approach to selfcare” by putting nutritional information…
Very interesting analysis #operationalefficiency
#inspirational Only with this happened five years sooner so it affected my experience with pregnancy. 'Run Mama Run…

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Undocumented Documentary

Great documentary! I can’t say enough about Undocumented - the creation of Napster and the impact it had on the world of communication. It talks about not only file sharing music, but also one of the main reasons Shawn Fanning developed the program in the first place – to create a connec...

Book Review: The Master Swith (Part 2)

The second part of the book takes on the topic of speech and innovation, and how 'information empires' impact them. During the early 1900's there was an information monopoly, meaning one entity controlled phone and radio. In this case, the monopoly was sanctioned by the government. But, ...

Book Review: The Master Swith (Part 1)

A peer of mine, whom focuses in social media, suggested the book entitled, "The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires" by Tim Wu. My expectation was that the book would start by saying how the internet has changed the way people get and use information...because that is t...
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As the 2011 Chicago Food and Nutrition Network Presidential Citation Award and 2009 Illinois Emerging Dietetic Leader Award Recipient, Seyler continues to demonstrate her commitment to the advancement Read more...




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