The Business Strategy and Operations Consulting team prides itself in its continued involvement and leadership within the business and health fields. As previous Chicago Food and Nutrition Network Presidential Citation Award and Illinois Emerging Dietetic Leader Award Recipients, the team continues to demonstrate their commitments to the advancement of nutrition and business through various probono efforts, including:

Sponsorship Committee Chair; Dietitians in Business and Communications (2016-Present); Lead revenue generation and strategic partnership development

Strategic Committee Chair; Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2017-Present); Lead the team in developing a three-year strategic plan with respective annual operating plans and budgets; lead the charge in revenue growth initiatives

Board of Directors; Elmhurst College MBA Network (2017 - Present)

Board of Directors; Chicago Food and Nutrition Network (formerly known as the Chicago Nutrition Assoc.) (2014 – Present)


Immediate Past-President; Chicago Food and Nutrition Network (formerly known as the Chicago Nutrition Assoc.) (2013); Official Network representative

President and Re-Branding Team Leader; Chicago Food and Nutrition Network (2009-2012); Facilitated all business functions

President-Elect: Chicago Nutrition Association, 2008–2009

Vice President: Chicago Nutrition Association, 2007-2008

Immediate Past-PresidentIllinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2015–2016); Assisted President with strategic counsel, lead the Health Industry Liasion Task Force and assisted with Public Policy Coordination

PresidentIllinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2014-2015); Managed budget, raised funds, led leadership team, oversaw all daily activities

President-Elect; Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2013–2014); Supports the President and assists leadership team as needed

Social Media Advisor/Web Committee; Illinois Dietetic Association (2012–2013); Provides counsel for online activities and strategy

Nominating Chair; Illinois Dietetic Association (2011–2012); Recruited top tier RD professionals

Nominating Chair-Elect: Illinois Dietetic Association (2010–2011); Recruited top tier RD professionals to continue to lead the association into the future

Communications Committee Co-Chair: Interpublic Women’s Leadership Network (2008–2011) Developed and facilitated communications between members and other network committee’s

Contributing Editor Positions: Dietitians in Business & Communications – “Dimensions (2008–2011); Researched and developed quarterly nutrition communications articles; QualityHealth.com (2009–2010) Provided nutrition and health focused tips for the site and e-newsletters and Public Relations Society of America – “The Hungry Mind (2009–2010); Provided timely nutrition based articles that integrate public relations

Bulletin Chair: Illinois Dietetic Association (2008–2010) Coordinated and edited all newsletter materials; continually provided up-to-date and relevant topics

Nominating Committee and PR Committee Chair: Chicago Nutrition Association, 2008–2009